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Institute of Art History (IKG)

Courses currently offered by the Institute of Art History

State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart

Students of the Institute of Art History can also take courses at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart. You can find the current course calender here.

Before attending a course at the Academy, please clarify with the programme manager whether the chosen course can be credited.

Foreign languages

Since important research publications today are mostly in English, knowledge of the English language is a prerequisite for the study of art history.

In addition, proof of knowledge of at least one other foreign language is required.

Requirements for the second foreign language

The choice of the second foreign language is up to you, but it must correspond to the language level CEFR A2.

We recommend that you acquire basic and reading skills in other foreign languages. English, French, Italian, Dutch or Spanish may be particularly important for the study of art history.

You can acquire the necessary knowledge at the University of Stuttgart. The courses offered can be found on the pages of the Language Centre.

Since Latin is essential for the study of art history, all students who have not demonstrated knowledge of Latin with their university entrance qualification can acquire this knowledge as part of the module "Language, Texts, Lectures". Before the actual "Reading Course", it is necessary to complete the preparatory language courses "Latin I" and "Latin II". The Department of Ancient History at the Institute of History offers "Latin I" in the summer and "Latin II" in the winter. It is therefore particularly advisable to attend the Latin courses from the second semester onwards, as knowledge of Latin must be demonstrated by the time of registration for the Bachelor's thesis at the latest. The university Latin courses are only offered by the Department of Ancient History of the Institute of History - if you have any questions, please contact the staff there.

Attention: The university Latin examination is not recognised everywhere as being equivalent to the Latinum. If you wish to study the Master's degree at another university, it may be necessary to acquire the Latinum through an external examination at the Oberschulamt.

Students who have taken Latin with their final school examinations must take two foreign language courses from the Language Centre's range of courses totalling 6 ECTS as part of the module "Language, Texts, Readings". The Latin certificate is not required for the study of art history as a minor subject.

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